Born and raised in New York, Robert A. Jon has faced adversity and overcome it — a Queens native who found success in finance as well as sales. Through education, experience, guidance, and support of friends and family, he found solace in entrepreneurship.

Robert is a veteran at creating solid foundations for new companies. The idea of Kumo Beauty originated with a spiritually inspirational trip to Japan, where he learned that even the simplest items had some of the greatest and most creative applications. The focus was then born to do the same within the hair care industry. The constant pursuit for perfection lasted nearly three years before he and his brilliant partner, Robert Miller, were able to deliver on their goal of delivering best-in-class products.

Specializing in finance, logistics, and manufacturing, Robert has assisted companies helping to improve their bottom line by crafting creative business solutions, utilizing degrees in Economics & Sociology, as well as an MBA and Master’s of Science.

Robert is a sports enthusiast and nomad, traveling the world to the tune of 40+ countries and more than 600 cities, working, enjoying, and gaining new perspectives and appreciation for every aspect of life.