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Designed by a successful entrepreneur and an award-winning stylist, the Kumo Luxe Loyalist program was created to help elite salons and independent stylists like you maximize your income potential. Our unique growth model gives you the potential to generate more income through not only selling Kumo products in-store — but also via every one of your customer’s Kumo purchases online.

Get pro tips and all the perks

The Kumo Luxe Loyalist program is unlike any other salon rewards program. We sell our products exclusively on to salon professionals and your clients — never through third-party sites, such as Amazon. Becoming a Luxe Loyalist pays off. Here’s how:

  • Cash-back rebates
  • Free back bar + station products
  • Free education
  • Free advertising
  • Customer discounts

Not every loyalty program guarantees access to professional salon management and operations consultation. As a Luxe Loyalist, you get a complimentary hour-long consultation with Kumo co-founder Robert Miller, including expert tips on the best ways to develop your business.

Reward customers with online discounts

The Kumo Luxe Loyalist program also lets you reward your customers with Kumo discount codes, which give 10% off all purchases. Here’s how it works: 

  • You will receive sequential Kumo discount codes, each linked to you or your salon, so you can track and receive rebates from your customers’ online purchases.
  • Sign customers up in your salon — the customer will automatically receive a confirmation email with a 10% discount code that they can redeem again and again on

Get paid from every online purchase

Our program’s unique discount code benefit is two-fold, which makes for happy customers and happy stylists. Here’s the scoop:

  • Every time your customers purchase from,* you receive a 60%  rebate, plus points to purchase back bar products and more.
  • Kumo will automatically calculate rebate totals every 30 days and send payment directly to you via PayPal.†

Earn points with every purchase

Every time you or your customers purchase Kumo products — both in-store and online — you earn points. Once your Kumo Luxe Loyalist points start to accumulate, you can use them to redeem Kumo back bar products, station products, and educational programs. You can also unlock different Luxe Loyalist levels based on three-month average purchases.

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*All customer returns must be made within 30 days of purchase. Products purchased using a Luxe Loyalist discount code must be returned to the salon — not to the manufacturer.
†You must be able to provide PayPal account details to receive rebate payments.